#1 You were watching your brother going into the sea at sundown, wondering whether it was a good idea or not. Shortly afterwards you took your very first paddle, without any encouragement from anyone other than yourself.
#2 You must have been a fish in a previous life, drawn as you are to the water. It wasn’t long before you were in up to your neck, larking about like some crazy loon!

We got an extra bonus few hours at the beach in Whitstable, following a late afternoon dental appointment. The Man came too and, after a tea of obligatory fish and chips, the boys headed down to the shore. Boy1 typically stripped off and wasted no time in getting in and mucking about. Boy2, usually nervous when right at the water’s edge, decided he’d do some wave jumping too for the very first time and without a hand to grip. I was too busy enjoying watching his moment to bother with a photo. Sometimes it’s good to remember to just join in. We stayed until the sun went down, blessed with the fact that no school in the morning meant no pressure to be home and in bed by a certain time.

Here are a few favourites from wk38, all sharing their photos over at Che & Fidel:

Gus and his flowers for the kitchen; this little man is just too cute for words/These quirky, beautiful shots of 3 boys/Matteo posing with his big boys bed; cute expression and wonderful pops of colour.


4 thoughts on “39/52

    • Thanks for visiting, Belinda. I think we’ve really taken advantage of a decent British summer for a change and spent a lot of time outdoors. So much so that I think we’re all feeling the change of season more this year. We’re exhausted! You look as though you had a great visit here judging by the gorgeous pictures on your blog 🙂

    • Hi Marina, so nice of you to choose my boys as your favourites from last week! I shall have to make the time to have a good look around your blog, too. I love how this project has introduced me to so many blogs I didn’t now about x

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