#1 The homeschool group activity was kite making but you found your own fun discovering that black crepe paper, water, and glue can make a rather potent indigo dye.

#2 Examining your kite, wondering why yours just wouldn’t fly when the others did.

At the start of the week we spent a lovely few hours with the home ed group making kites down on the beach. The weather was amazing with summer hanging on, reluctant to let Autumn have its turn. Our kite was only happy to spin in circles, rather than fly. That would be entirely down to the fact that I just don’t do instructions, especially when the instructions are vaguely maths like. The measurements were supposed to be specific and accurate and, well I’m just not like that! It twizzled. It was good enough.

Little man’s home made dye was entirely more successful. He is really into two very specific things when playing at the moment. The first is doing just what he did here; painting his hands. The other is covering things up; teddies with scarves, dolls with blankets, lego with wet wipes, toy cars with socks. I suspect there’s some learning through play schema that would explain why he likes to do these things. Anything so long as he’s happy suits me.

Happy. There’s not been an abundance of that around these parts over the past week. When we came home from the beach after twizzling our kites, we noticed Maow-Maow (our pet cat Zoe) didn’t greet us by the car as always. Her food was untouched. We didn’t recall seeing her at breakfast time. Life carried on with a vague question mark in the air as I set about cooking the boy’s their dinner. And then my phone rang. It was the vet telling me that a kind neighbour had found Zoe that morning, dead on the road by our house. In the past I’ve been reasonably matter of fact about pets dying. It’s sad but, you know, we had so many different animals growing up that you develop a practical mindset. But this was different because this was Boy 1’s cat. His. Telling him what and how was just about the hardest thing I’ve had to say to anyone before. A week around he’s bearing up but he was used to her sleeping right next to him every night, used to her greeting us whenever we pulled up in the car, used to her following us to the park up the road. It is really, very painfully, obvious that something is now missing. So sad.



There were heaps of cracking submissions to the 52 Project last week; too many to list them all. These were my absolute favourites…

M and T so dreamy/Alice and Vincente, two little troublemakers/Wee Baby J in his pixie bonnet/Renate’s babies playing peekaboo/Jane Mabel’s breathtakingly beautiful shots; sigh.

We’re all linking up over at Che & Fidel. Jodi’s currently on holiday in Bali with her family and these shots of her’s from wk39 are both incredibly striking.


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