#1 Another evening at the beach. You and your little friend from next door managed to cake yourselves in mud at low tide. Despite your expression here, it looked like a lot of fun.

#2 Marching with purpose, you didn’t wade right in like the others. Wet, yes, muddy, no.

What a difference a week makes. This was, most definitely, our final opportunity to string out the summer. What followed were several days of high winds and lashing rain and it’s not really cheered up since. Having been spoilt rotten we’re all feeling the heavy drag of the season’s change. Armed with our first runny noses and tickly throats of Autumn, we’ve been a bit sluggish. I’m trying to be grateful for all the opportunities we’ve had to be outside in good weather for what feels like an eternity, rather than grumpy that its over. I’m not doing particularly well with that, funnily enough.


#3 Playing a pirate game where the sun sparkling across the sea was your treasure.
Whenever I take a picture into the sun like this I get, to a greater or lesser degree, a strange ghostly green shimmer on the image. I’m assuming that, rather than being an issue with my camera or lens, it just means I need to use a particular setting or filter or something to prevent it? On this picture I quite like it though; its as if Boy1 is catching something unreal in his outstretched hand…

These pictures from last week made me smile:
Doing what little ones do best; Sage and her mud pie pit/Daniela’s ‘M’ showing off her tattoos/Melinda’s Canadian explorer; the colours and feel are just beautiful/Rasmus, Birdie & Alfie; such gorgeous boys and each capture different from the last/Serious but sweet tiny Spanish dancer; such a romantic, nostalgic image.

All these and more joining in with Jodi over at Che & Fidel


4 thoughts on “41/52

    • Thanks Sharlene…the summer has most definitely faded…mostly to grey, unfortunately. The sun did peep out for a little while today though! I’m not a lover of our wonderful English weather but I guess I ought to embrace it, really. Thanks for visiting x

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