#1 You just turned seven and times are tough, for some reason. Your moods are changing at the drop of a hat. You are both infuriating beyond belief, and completely awesome all within the space of a few hours. Happy birthday handsome x
#2 You’re a little easier to work out, at the moment, than your brother. Demanding, yes, but in a different way entirely. You are ever so slightly in love with watching Peppa Pig, bargaining for ‘just one more, mummy?’ on the iPad.

Oh I’ve been meaning to write something about the challenges of ‘the stroppy 7s’, and the highs and lows of homeschooling (there aren’t many lows as it happens) but I’ve just been too damned lazy. Now there’s honesty for you. Perhaps I’ll get the urge to offload sometime later this week. In the meantime, you can always rely on my Project 52 submission…that’ll be the OCD kicking in…even that has it uses, after all!

Here are the ones that warmed the cockles of my heart from last week:
Gazing into puddles over at Tiger Lilly Quinn; I love the light, composition, and the quintessentially British street/Riley and her sidewalk chalk; such a sweet, soft light/Little one flying in Daddy’s strong arms; I love love love this shot. The series is about the husband, rather than the baby but this one is precious of them both.

We’re all joining in with Jodi on this project. See even more over at Che & Fidel. (…and I’m completely over the moon that Jodi chose mine amongst her favourites last week. Big grins!)

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