#1 You’re using your body more than ever before these days, testing your strength and capability. Sometimes you simply like the feelings you can create, like spinning around and around and around in order to fall over with dizziness.
#2 I love the way you get stuck into doing something and nothing and no one can deter you from your interest. Sticks, earth and worms; such a boy.

We’re so happy that Nanny and Grandad G have returned from visiting family in California. They’re always gone too long. On this particular autumn afternoon we were just leaving their house, and trying to decide which park to go and play in. And then both boys decided that there was little point bothering with the park when Nanny’s garden has a swing and plenty of space. They spent more than an hour just hanging out, which suited me just fine.






Last week I stupidly chose my favourites from the current week’s submissions (suggesting I am always late in getting around to uploading my own!) so I can’t really pick favourites from the same bunch for this week. But it’s good to know that we’re all taking part in this project with encouragement from Jodi at Che and Fidel which is a beautiful and inspiring space.


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