#1 It was pouring and you wanted out, returning again and again to the water butt for a refill. I took your picture through the glass, preferring to stay dry.
#2 We went for a blustery walk with friends in the woods. With all the recent rain the puddles were deep and muddy. This is the face of pure puddle-jumping joy!

If only I were able to let go a little and soak up the unadulterated exuberance that my boys have for life? Look at their faces. There really is very little stopping me except, of course, myself. Somewhere along the way I appear to have lost sight of that most basic of human needs; the ability to just have fun and gain pleasure from the simple and everyday. I think at times I’m so bogged down with worry that I forget to live in the moment. And laugh. I definitely do not do enough of that anymore, either. There are now less than six (short) months until I turn 40. Holy crap. Time to (finally) sort out my sh*t? Yes.

Inspirational captures from last week include: Chloe from Lebo with Love/Eleanor and Felix at Megpie/little cowgirl Lamb at Lamb Loves Fox/fashion icon Zoe at Hello Sisilia/Tortilla-maker Eve at Little Wolff; love her…

All joining in over at the wonderful Che & Fidel blog.

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