#1 Your first ever sparkler; you loved it which is more than can be said for the big firework display we went to the weekend before where you had to retreat to the safety of the car with Daddy.
#2 A rare moment of sparkler stillness and therefore the only halfway decent photo of you that evening. You just don’t ever stop moving!

This time of year is punctuated with celebration. We have Boy1’s birthday mid October, followed by Halloween. Then it’s bonfire night just a couple of days before Boy2’s birthday. And now all of these are behind us my brain is very slowly shifting into gear for Christmas. The boys enjoyed a wonderful evening of trick or treating, with the last of their candy stash finally being consumed just today. A few days after we took them to a local firework display where Boy1 was in his element but Boy2 was beside himself. And then I remembered just how scared his big brother had been at the same age and felt a bit silly for assuming he would be fine. Funny to think my labour with him started while watching fireworks three years earlier…

We were invited to a bonfire gathering by a lovely new homeschooling friend just a few days later, which really redressed the balance. No scary fireworks, a roaring fire, yummy soup, sparklers and lovely company (it was here that I discovered just how hard it is to take usable photos in the dark!). We’re feeling very blessed right now that seemingly out of nowhere we are now part of a small, very local little home-ed group, right here on our doorstep.

Be sure to check out the other 52 Project submissions at Che & Fidel. I’ve not had a chance in the last week to do so myself but will make sure that I do, just as soon as I can x


One thought on “45/52

  1. Love the sparklers, my older two were absolutely terrified of sparklers so I’m hoping Eve will be more excited by them they’re just such a magical thing when you’re a child.

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