#1 I have to catch you unawares these days otherwise this is the face I get! Ready to ride Little Ted at the stables…
#2 Just like your brother, you’re no stranger to goofy expressions either; milky chops…

Oh my life it’s been hard trying to capture a good shot of you both recently. I don’t know whether its down to the change in weather, the darker, shorter days or just me. To be fair, we are naturally spending more time indoors than out, even though we do play outside everyday at some point. I’m just not good enough (yet) to get the sort of indoor shots I’m happy with. What worked outside beautifully all summer long, (and it was long) doesn’t now we’re spending more time at home. We spent several hours in our new secret spot in the woods yesterday but my camera started misbehaving and I came back with just a few shots. I can’t even fall back on my phone since I dropped it to it’s demise! I really need to invest in a new DSLR that can take me where I want to go with this hobby. Recommendations, please?

Here are some lovelies I picked out to share with you from last week’s submissions, all joining in over at Che & Fidel:

Project Little Smith / Elsie & Joan / A Day In The Life Of Us / Dear Olive / This Brown Wren / This Little Life


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