#1 You love it in the secret woods where we join some of our home ed friends; our new favourite weekly haunt. A campfire, marshmallows on twigs, the river and it’s island. It’s getting far too cold to carrying on with the wading which you love so much, my water baby.
#2 Duplo is your new best friend. For a few days you were building it high. Now you’ve moved onto Tetris-like creations. Your concentration and determination are legendary.

Mwaaaahhhhh, my camera is broken. It can no longer focus. Both of these pictures were taken in its dying moments and it was a struggle. I took a total of four pictures before it ground to a halt. I only have myself to blame. The Man’s verdict, after careful inspection, is a combination of sticky Ribena and cereal bar crumbs. The shame. You see I throw it in my bag along with the rest of my life and, rather like myself, it’s suffered a little bit of damage along the way. I think I’m going to have a tough time convincing him, or anyone for that matter, that I deserve a new one. It can probably be fixed (cleaned), but I was hoping to upgrade before this set back. I would obviously take extra special care of a new one. The same is true of a replacement smartphone for the one I dropped and smashed a few weeks ago. I may well have learnt my lesson (and I’m especially unhappy with submitting crumby photos here).

And don’t both of my boys need a damn good haircut? Putting it off, in denial…la lala la la…

These ones were lovely from last week:

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The 52 Project, hosted by Jodi at Che & Fidel.

4 thoughts on “47/52

  1. You know you don’t need to convince anyone that you ‘deserve’ anything. You’re a grown woman, you can actually have whatever you want, just because you want it. Being an adult is great like that. This isn’t to be rude, it just struck me that you should have a great camera to photograph your boys, because you want one, as it’s something that’s really important to you (by the sounds of it). Maybe you didn’t take care of the last one as well as you could have. You’re human! It’s okay. Take care.

    • Thank you Emma! And of course you’re right. It’s just, well, money is tight and I’d be after a really decent (expensive) SLR and although my broken one was dated and old I was treating it with zero respect so I do genuinely feel a little embarrassed! The Man is very generous with gifts and will always go out of his way to make me happy. I think my post is more reflective of how I’ve always felt about spending money (on me) since I gave up work to be a full time Mum. I know, I know I do a full time job at home but I’ve always felt that somehow I’m not pulling my weight anymore. But I do need a camera. Badly. Thanks for your words of encouragement x

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