#1 Water, again, and mud. After your end of term Youth Theatre performance we took a trip to Sandwich which had been flooded the day before. You were completely excited by the pumps, the sandbags, the play park which was still partly submerged.
#2 There’s no story to tell here. You were just busy doing what we do best these days; playing. An unbelievably bright day where the sun, very low in the sky, reached from the back of the house to the front without interruption.

I simply cannot believe there are only two weeks until Christmas. I really feel as though we’ve been insulated from the over-hyped, over-stretched build up to the holidays. I guess this is in part down to not being involved in nativity plays and school Christmas fairs. But also because in an attempt to cut back and conserve funds we’ve been spending more time at home. I’ve also done the Christmas shopping online which makes perfect sense given that the boys are always with me these days; its the only way to ensure surprise gifts! We did go into Canterbury city centre to do some carol singing. More of that this weekend with my choir in aid of charity. We’ll also be watching a production of ‘Penguin’ by The Long Nose Puppet Company at The Gulbenkian. The tree is up and we have a Pinterest-inspired advent branch; chocolate each day and a small gift once a week. It feels just about right. Not too much, not too little. I’ve also tried to be reasonably restrained with present buying for the boys. This I’ve found hard.

I’ve found blogging hard, too. Not because I don’t enjoy it but simply because the weeks are flying by and before I’ve caught my breath, it’s time to submit photos for the project again. Perhaps this week I’ll surprise you with additional posts. Perhaps.

Last week Jodi from Che & Fidel chose my photos of the boys on the beach amongst her favourites which was a great lift, especially as I’m now just relying on a phone to capture these little moments. Thank goodness The Man upgraded his iPhone, passing down his previous model to me.

Here are my personal favourites from week 48:
/Milk Please Mum
/Megan Ambrose
/Holly Blues
/Wild Morning
/Che & Fidel

One thought on “49/52

  1. Hello your advent branch sounds cute, bet the boys love that. You have changed your blog I was looking for the balloons x Hope we can catch up eventually its been time a while 🙂

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