#1 Batman on the loose in the city Library. We spent a wonderful few hours with our home ed friends in The Beaney museum. I love that you’ve taken to dressing up again. Homeschooling is completely giving you the freedom to play in the way you want to. These steps are spread just right for a superhero to run down.
#2 It’s so dark in the mornings. While your brother has already been up a while, you like to hang out in Our bed while I shower. You always ask for Peppa Pig on the iPad. Always. Like a broken record. But hallelujah, this week you moved onto Fireman Sam! Wearing the headphones because Daddy was still sleeping.

I’m having to accept that my final pictures of this project are just not going to be great. I am really missing my DSLR. Add to this a very slow week that bizarrely flew by and the photos I’d taken with the phone were few and far between. But there are 52 weeks to this project and I’m not about to stop now.

Here are those that inspired me last week:
/Blackberries and Rosemary
/Still Moving Swiftly
/Lamb Loves Fox
/The Monster and Me
/Lil Muse Lily

And I just love Poet’s expression in week 49 over at Che & Fidel. Jodi got a well deserved new professional DSLR a few weeks ago and it has helped take her already stunning shots to the next level. Is it wrong to be insanely jealous? Probably.

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