#1 You and your outlandish outfits. You’re a boy who knows what he wants to wear, and you mostly refuse my suggestions. I’m having to go with it but, my goodness, I don’t find it easy at all!
#2 It’s all about the Lego. Hour, after hour, after hour. Your letter to Father Christmas (both the first draft and the second) wished for nothing else. I asked what you thought you might play with if Lego hadn’t been invented. You simply said instead of playing you’d have been busying inventing…Lego.

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas? We’re taking it very easy right now and after a brunch of cold meat and brussel sprout bubble (‘n squeak), we are heading out for a blast of coastal fresh air in the Boxing Day sunshine. It’s well needed. A proper catch up some other time…

The 52 Project is hosted by Jodi at Che and Fidel.


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