It’s a funny old place to be, the space between Christmas and New Year, don’t you think? The Build Up gives way to the Main Event which concedes, exhausted, to Limbo and I can’t say that I’m a fan. I do love Christmas, I really do, but sometimes the anticipation is the best part (apart from the brussel sprouts. I really love those). With Boxing Day comes the realisation that it’s all over for another year, and by the 27th I’m left feeling as flat as a pancake. It’s never been any different in all honesty.

Before Limbo settled wearily on my shoulders we were strangely unhurried and yet I was wantonly neglectful of this space here. In a nutshell: I did the majority of my present buying online. Not romantic, I know, but totally convenient since homeschooling and shopping alone don’t really figure in the same sentence. A production of Polly Dunbar’s ‘Penguin’ at The Gulbenkian provided a really sweet start to our Christmas season. We stayed close to home in an attempt to avoid the worst of the winter bugs, though that wasn’t entirely foolproof. The Man celebrated his birthday on the 19th but a long day spent at work meant a birthday meal in rather than out. The boys baked a mean chocolate cake for him with Nanny’s help (and patience). We weathered the worst of the terrible storm; a relatively short power-cut caused great excitement and forced us into enjoying a lovely pre-Christmas family meal out. And Boy1 received the email he’d been waiting for more than two weeks; he’ll be performing in a production of ‘Oliver!’ At the Marlowe Theatre next summer. And so starts six months of rehearsals!

Here’s a piece of post-Christmas, mindless limbo trivia for you; my last post here was my 100th and it resulted in my 100th follower. Boy1 would LOVE this right now since he seems a little obsessed with even numbers and all things being equal. Only now I’m about to publish post 101…

With only one submission to go in the 52 Project I’m more than a little bit excited (and thankful, grateful, ecstatic, spoilt) to have received the wonderful gift of a new DSLR for Christmas from The Man. It’s a Nikon D7000 with two different lenses. The manual is as thick as my post Christmas thighs, and we all know how I am with instructions. It may take a while to master. It’s a beast in comparison to my previous one. I can feel a resolution coming on…








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