#1 Gotcha. You have so many different expressions and this one isn’t easy to capture because it’s your ‘listening earnestly’ face. Yesterday you helped an elderly gentleman to grab a shopping basket. He told you what a polite young lady you were. I can understand why he made a mistake; luckily you were more amused than offended!

#2 Giggles. Though we get our fair share of diva-like whinging, you seem to be smiling more and more these days. And just check out your wobbly teeth at the front! I did wonder if you might be a little grown up now to have me keep poking a camera in your face. But you know, I like to treat you boys fairly and I reckon you might feel left out if I just stopped.

…and here we go again! I think I’d miss the challenge if I didn’t sign up again. It provides a focus which might otherwise slip, so often is the case with us Mums. As well as returning to Jodi’s 52 Project, hosted on her new blog Practising Simplicity, I’ll also be joining in with another online project called Living Arrows. Whilst the first is a weekly portrait project, the second is an attempt to capture childhood in all it’s guises. I’ll be doing one post for both projects unless I come up with something spectacular that requires two!

living arrows

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