Swoop for Lego

You know sometimes you hit upon something that makes life a little easier? And if it makes life prettier too, well, then you’re really laughing. I’m a sucker for well designed kids stuff but given we don’t have endless pots of money or an enormous home, we choose wisely.

We are a Lego household. It’s incredible the sheer number of hours both boys spend on playing with the stuff. Mostly I love Lego (if you totally disregard that awful pink and purple stuff they now do just for girls…grrrr). What I do not like about Lego is standing on it, having to pick it up, accidentally getting it stuck in the vacuum (oops), or having to try and help find a specific bit (which is usually ultimately found under the sofa covered in fluff). The sound of the entire lego collection being tipped out onto a wooden floor is enough to send shivers down my spine (think fingernails and blackboards). So when I came across Swoop bags on Pinterest last year I got just a little bit over excited. Since the grandparents were in America at the time, I asked them to bring some back as Christmas presents (though Swoop do ship internationally).


It’s probably fair to say they’ve revolutionised not only the storage of our vast Lego collection but also the way in which it’s played with. Pieces are found easily. We’ve used the mini sized one just for mini figures and their accessories. Unusual bricks not seen for ages have been rediscovered and have sparked new creative endeavours.


Available in a great range of bright and beautiful colours, Swoop bags are made from really high quality materials and are just so easy on the eye. I’m pretty handy with a sewing machine and I guess you could DIY yourself something similar but you know, I don’t think it’d be worth it. These really are well made, tough, and cool all at the same time. When done playing you just pull up the draw strings and it’s all tidied away. Oh, and no more wincing over the awful sound of thousands of tiny plastic bricks being tipped all over the floor. Result.


I’m thinking of doing the occasional review here of things we have and love for those who might be interested. If I’m ever lucky enough to be gifted something to review I’ll always make that clear and I’ll still be honest. Swoop Bags did not send me these bags to review but if they feel like posting me another one, you know, just as a little thank you, I’d be very happy indeed 😉

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