#1 Red…
#2 …and blue.

A chance conversation about what Boy2 might be doing if he was still enrolled at playschool led to us getting the paints out.

What followed was an intensive, sensory-rich hour of pure unadulterated fun (provided we ignore the minor panic of a whole load of paint flicked up the wall. Baby wipes really are a miracle invention, aren’t they?). I felt extreme mummy guilt when it became apparent that my littlest man was experiencing playing with paint like this for the very first time. Boy1 has never really shown an interest in art and craft play, quite the opposite in fact, despite it always being available to him as a toddler. And so I guess it slipped from my radar as something fun to do. Once again, my littlest man is showing himself to be quite the individual and I need to be mindful that they are so different. Boy1 actually had a whole lot of fun too, but was quite happy to get cleaned up the minute his interest waned. But no, not my small one. He squirted, smothered, and squelched until the paper was destroyed, too sodden to withstand anymore punishment. ‘I’m a builder man, Mummy, and I’m mixing up some lovely concrete’.

It was good for my nerves, while the concrete making and wall splattering was going on, to be clicking away and enjoying their happiness rather than cringing at the inevitable mess and over zealous paint replenishment. Something inside me felt insanely satisfied that, quite by chance, they both ended up using paints which complimented their outfits. Yes, I really am like that…




Joining in the 52 Projects over at Practising Simplicity and Living Arrows.

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