#1 Gazing at the ponies in the field opposite our house, willing them to come over. You secretly like to pretend that they belong to us. I would have done just the same when I was seven, too. (I never, ever tire of staring at your eyelashes).
#2 Concentrating on something you had in your hands though I don’t remember what exactly. There were so many interesting things for you to investigate at this new friend’s house.
#3 Different day, different place, same expression as the last. (I adore your pouty lips).

I love joyful pictures of our boys, like last week’s for example. But I’m also a sucker for the slightly sombre, serious shots too, especially profile shots. I think perhaps because they represent little moments of stillness and calm, of thoughtfulness or brooding, amongst the craziness which seems to dominate our days.

You’ll forgive me (yet again) for not making the time to list some favourites of mine from the 52 & Living Arrows Projects. I’m struggling a little right now to take a full and deep breath, I’m that shattered. But the roots of our collective future are growing. Great things, I hope, are in store. And if that sounds profound, well, I guess that’s because it is.


2 thoughts on “6/52

    • Thank you so much Stephy-Lou for your kind words :). It’s nice to know that people enjoy what I write. The 52 Project is a great way to motivate me to not only take the pictures, but to blog on a regular basis as well. I shall have a good ole mooch about your blog just as soon as I get a moment. I remember seeing adorable shots of your little man in a bobble hat a couple of weeks back. So cute x

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