#1 & #2 Climbing, always climbing. For once you were scaling something intended for the purpose. A really kid-friendly way of reaching an underwater viewing pod at the Aquarium. This was definitely your favourite bit; we had trouble moving on.



#3 Up close and personal with your new favourite creature, the Zebra Shark. It seemed to develop a similar curiosity with you in return. And I agree with you totally; it’s spotty, not striped.
#4 Hanging out in a mini viewing pod. You were still and mesmerised rather than highly energetic like your brother.

The Nausicaa Aquarium in Boulogne is really worth a visit. For us, living so close to the Eurotunnel crossing means a trip here is actually cheaper and probably easier than visiting a sealife centre at home. A £20 return crossing, half price entry and a tasty french meal before heading home at bed time ticked all the right boxes. A wonderful learning opportunity and a pretty mesmerising sensory experience all round.




Linking up and joining in with Practising Simplicity & the Living Arrows project.

6 thoughts on “8/52

    • Thanks Abigail 🙂 next time you visit Vicki you should see if there are any cheap deals on the Eurotunnel and take your little fella. It really is an easy day trip. You drive out of the tunnel at Calais and Boulogne is a very simple 25 minute drive on a straight motorway. A breeze 🙂

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