#1 You’ve all of a sudden started to strike a pose as soon as the camera comes out. Not the kind of photos I like to take, personally, so I’m having to catch my moment. On this occasion you were too caught up admiring your reflection in a polished floor to be loving the camera instead!

#2 You immersed yourself fully in an art workshop we attended at the Turner Contemporary. The canvas was a collaborative effort between a group of home educated children. So when you decided to write your name across it in huge capital letters, I gently persuaded you that it might not be the done thing – but not before you’d managed to paint the ‘A’. I guess we all want to leave our mark, one way or another!

I much prefer picking photos that kind of work well together, even if they’re not captures from the same day or place. This week I failed monumentally on that front but hey oh, when you’re this late submitting for a project it pays not to be too fussy! We’ve had major internet disruption this week. As much as it’s lovely to live a less distracted life, it’s also a major pain in the bum. Anyway, for the moment we’re online so I’m grabbing this opportunity before week 10/52 becomes 11/52.

As always, joining in with lots of other snap-happy mamas (and papas?) over at Practising Simplicity and Living Arrows.


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