#1 Putting on some crazy show with a length of chain. I have no idea what it was all about but you had your brother in stitches!

#2 Sitting in Daddy’s garage watching your brother being crazy. This rather solemn shot doesn’t accurately tell the tale at all since you were finding his antics very amusing. But it was my favourite of you from the few I took this week.*

I’ve been really rather slack at taking photos for the second week in a row…and then panic when I don’t have many to choose from. That said, these are a pretty good representation of our days. If we’re not out at one homeschool activity or another, we hang out at home, making sure we spend some time outside every day. Since Boy2 learnt to ride his bike this means spending even more time in the yard we share with our neighbours by the garages. It’s handy for scooting and biking, though ever so slightly frustrating that I have to be out there too, since it’s beyond our garden and open to the street. Boy2 is still just that little bit too young to be left out there to his own devices. We long for more outside space where our two very physical boys can really spread out and play unwatched. I firmly believe that children need some privacy from their adults, to test their limits, manage their own risks, and sort out some of their own feuds unhindered. With their time being micro managed in a way that ours never was, I wonder whether they’ll ever develop those independent skills that come from simply hanging out with friends doing nothing, street raking, and pushing their boundaries?
*your latest injury from a tree falling incident; proof that I am trying my best to give you boys a long rein!

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