#1 I fell in love with those eyes long before you were even a consideration.
#2 How is it that you’re mine, and yet I’ll never know or understand all of your thoughts?

This week I’ve felt battle weary. Exhausted, actually. But there are always reasons to smile. Here are mine:

*I won a place on Xanthe Berkeley’s Creating Tangible Time Capsules eCourse. So looking forward to getting stuck in;
*Boy2 is being photographed by Michelle Marshall this weekend which is making me do imaginary somersaults of excitement;
*Nanny and Grandad G are back from America after 5 long weeks away; and
*It’s April therefore it’s Spring, not winter, which can only ever be a good thing in my book.

Joining in (late) with other snap-happy mamas over at Practising Simplicity and Living Arrows.

7 thoughts on “13/52

    • I know, Emily; I was chuffed to bits! Now I have to find the time to get involved. Still to even log in which is awful, I know. Maybe tonight once the children are in bed… Look forward to seeing more of your captures, too x

    • Oh Michelle, it certainly did make me smile! It was so interesting for me to see how you work. I cannot get over how patient your were, and your way with the children. So calm. I’m hoping that you managed a decent capture or two of Jody; you had to work so much harder with him. Thanks again. I hope you have a restful week planned after a hectic weekend x

    • thanks so much, Jenni, and for choosing my pic as your favourite this week 🙂 your 14/52 words are filled with such love. I shall have to make the time to read more x

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