#1 OK so you might not have been the easiest of mini-models but you still did some awesome posing for me and my iPhone when no one else was looking. I found it interesting (and yes, ever so slightly frustrating) that you were happy to be photographed individually but not as part of the group. As always, you knew your own mind.

#2 Boy have you and I had an up-and-a-downer this past week. I’m having to remind myself that those who appear least deserving of love are often the most in need of it. Our heart-to-heart to reassure that you are treasured in equal measure to your brother seems to have helped. If only I could buy in some extra patience.

I’m hoping you have more time than I do to check out the other folks joining in with the 52 Project over at Practising Simplicity, and Living Arrows on I Heart Snapping. Go. Go now!

3 thoughts on “14/52

    • Thanks so much for visiting, Merlinda :). Ahhhh, the ups and downs definitely seem to get a little worse the older they get – or maybe that’s just my experience! He is a very sensitive little man though so it’s to be expected. But you’re right; no matter what they’re age they need extra time and attention to get through the difficult stages. Because we home educate we all have a lot of time but very very rarely 1:1 and that is where the problem lies, I think. X

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