#1 Decorating oneself is a very serious business, don’t you know? You always start out by painting on paper but inevitably, you move on to bigger and better ways of expressing yourself. Let me say it got a whole lot more messy than this but this was my favourite shot of you; such concentration.

#2 You are a reader. A passionate one. You rarely go for anything other than fiction (currently you’re working your way through every age appropriate graphic novel the library can find) but here you’re immersed in a Minecraft tips book. Reading, Minecraft, Lego, and lots of imaginary play is our curriculum.

We’ve had a lovely, laid back, low conflict Easter and today most children return to school and we enter our final term of our first year of home education. Of course, because we’re not following a structured approach there’s no real change from one term to another. But there is an imaginary, philosophical one inside my mind which is turning itself to thoughts of evaluation. So as Boy1’s yr2 peers gear up to take their SATS, I can’t help but ponder on how this year has gone, where we’re at, and whether it’s been a success. These ponderings probably deserve a blog post all of their own though…

For wonderful links to beautiful blogs and photos, please go to Practising Simplicity and I Heart Snapping. And please, share the love ❤

One thought on “16/52

  1. I reckon quite a few home educating parents feel similar to you, at least in the beginning. Perhaps that’s still part of the deschooling process, for you I mean. I bet you’re doing a sterling job and the smiles on your boy’s face will be your equivalent of good SAT results.

    I’ve been buckling on my vision to HE recently. I guess an over-exuberant toddler coupled with continually decaying brain cells has told me I can’t cope with it. I just don’t know……I’m seriously doubting my abilities and levels of patience right now.

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