#1 A nice drink of milk after we got caught in a massive downpour of rain. You really did resemble a drowned rat (a good reason to convince you it was time for a haircut).

#2 Swinging high on the big boys swing in the damp and drizzle. Shortly afterwards you were being carried back to the car by Nanny G. Turns out you were coming down with another bout of tonsillitis.


Having been lucky enough to win a place on Xanthe Berkeley’s Creating Tangible Time Capsules eCourse, I’ve been taking even more photos than usual, then frantically editing them to submit to our shared Flickr group. Now I have to get to the essence of the course which is printing, making notes, collecting mementos and creating my time capsule. It’s been a whole lot of fun and I’m definitely going to carry on.

And somewhere amongst the photographing, and editing, and looking after a poorly littlest man, I turned forty. Forty. Hmmmm, it wasn’t that bad 😉

Linking up with Jodi at Practising Simplicity, and the Living Arrows project over at I Heart Snapping.

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