We Love :: The Fableists

Every once in a while, though not nearly often enough, something comes along that makes you stop dead in your tracks and think. And this video from kids clothing brand, The Fableists, did just that to me. Apart from the fact that it’s a beautiful piece of film-making, it’s message is hard hitting. Watch it right now and I’m sure you’ll be moved…

I love kids fashion; I’m borderline obsessive (to the detriment of my own wardrobe). But is it OK for something to look good, if it’s not actually ‘good’? The Fableists is a brand with a huge heart and decent morals. I’m talking organic, fair trade, fair wear, sweatshop free, sustainable, and low or no carbon footprint (this is just a snippet of their ethical mission statement). These are seriously cool clothes made for, not by, kids.


Their film was enough for me. Then I discovered that I love everything in the current collection. I particularly like the utilitarian styling and, with a couple of exceptions, the range is brilliantly unisex. And when I found out that they had a whopping 50% flash sale on I ordered Boy1 the baseball top and dark denims. They arrived today and I’ve fallen even further in love (photos to follow!).


I pretty much only buy anything in sales these days. We’re a single income family so every pound counts. But as Canterbury residents gear up for the grand opening of a new Primark store, you won’t find me joining the stampede with my elbows out. I’ve proven to myself, having two boys, that the organic clothes I spent decent money on with a clear(er) conscience are still going strong…and many are being passed along to friends. Our new Fableists threads arrived with a hand-me-down passport, encouraging us to do just that. In an all too often throw away age, these clothes are made to last.


In their own words:

““Like so many people, we were concerned with the growing throw-away fashion trend that led to such tragedies as the Rana Plaza collapse. Making a change in the way consumers shop and perceive clothes in terms of buying, using and disposing of them, will make a huge difference to family health, the lives of others, the planet and will help to create a positive movement. But we are also adamant that our clothes look the business. The Fableists is a label with a vision.”

Like what you see? You will LOVE it when you actually get your hands on some (whether you buy The Fableists new, or get some pre-loved). And the great news is they’ve decided to extend their HALF PRICE flash sale for half term! Simply enter the code ‘Fableistsfifty’ during the checkout process. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel good about it, too ❤

all images copyright of The Fableists


2 thoughts on “We Love :: The Fableists

    • you’re welcome! I’m glad you’ve found The Fableists too 🙂 and thanks for the link back in your post ❤

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