#1 A new dressing up costume because you’ve grown out of all the old ones, but you’ve not yet grown out of pretending. It’s something of a passion.

#2 You handled the disappointment of not getting a new costume with such maturity it took me by complete surprise. My little bear, with a mouthful of muesli.

This week, for the boys, it was all about dressing up. For me it was all about the iPhone and suddenly working out that Instagram is so much more than a set of photo filters. Since I all but forgot to even share a week 24 these will have to do. And you know what, I love them both, mostly because they say it how it is perfectly ❤

If you use Instagram and want to follow I can be found lurking at @loopygibbens 🙂

Joining in with lovely people over at Practising Simplicity and I Heart Snapping #52Project #livingarrows

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