#1 Carefully picking your way through the wheat to get to the tractor trail because we’d talked about respecting the farmer’s crops. You liked the way the ears of corn felt on the palms of your hands.

#2 Playing in a field of grass gone to seed must surely be a childhood rite of passage? You were in your element, barely able to see above it in places.

These pictures, taken on different days but right at the start of a new week, now feel like they come from another time entirely. Already that long grass has been mown, and the wheat fields all around us have turned from green to golden. With almost two full weeks of Boy2 being unwell now under our belts, time seems to have flown by, and yet each day (and many nights) has dragged, one merging into the next. I’m no nurse and he’s a pretty demanding patient and so it’s been a bit exhausting, if I’m honest. The opportunity to take photos has been slim and my motivation low. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll have anything at all to share for week 29!





We’re now just five days away from Boy1’s first performance of ‘Oliver!’. The rehearsal schedule has become like a full time job in itself and so as well as nurse, I’ve also been fulfilling my duties as taxi driver and motivational coach! Keeping him well has been high on my list of priorities. That and getting myself over having an emergency wisdom tooth extraction.

Yes, it’s been tiring.




As I sit writing this an impressive thunder storm is going on above me, the rain is pouring down, clearing the air of an incredibly oppressive day. A fresh start is on the cards.

Joining in with lovely people over at Practising Simplicity and I Heart Snapping #52Project #livingarrows


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