#1 Boy2
#2 Boy1

Short on time, short on photos and short on calm.

Littlest man finally recovered during 29/52 after two full weeks of being unwell. Boy1 was knee-deep in the final rehearsals for ‘Oliver!’. There have been tears, tantrums and over excitement. From all of us.

With show rehearsals and illness taking over all our lives, I decided that it would be best to keep things low-key. During the day we abandoned all home ed meet ups and any of the things we usually do, in an effort to get well again and to save energy for evening rehearsals which sometimes ran until 9pm. In hindsight I’m not sure I did the right thing; the boys were so divorced from their usual routine that the bickering and tiring behaviour began. What it did show me, though, was that despite being unschoolers, we do have more of a routine than I’d previously realised. There is a rhythm to our weeks that I’m now desperate to get back to.

Yesterday was the first performance. I was crying as the orchestra struck up, before the curtain even rose! What an amazingly talented group of young people. I was so proud of my little man; he may not have been the most focused one on the stage but he was amongst the youngest and given that he has always struggled to concentrate he did amazingly. I was so frightened that the experience would have resulted in sensory overload for him but he did it. I’m still feeling wobbly today. Tonight he’ll be watched by his grandparents at an evening performance and then tomorrow I’ll return with The Man and Boy2 to watch his final performance.

As exciting as it is, I’m looking forward to real life making a come back.

Joining in with lovely people over at Practising Simplicity and I Heart Snapping #52Project #livingarrows

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