30/52 :: part 2


#2 We were so unbelievably proud of you this week, especially. You did it!

Phew. What a week. Exciting, exhausting, overwhelming and memorable. Countless rehearsals, three performances, two celebratory meals out, too many late nights (and a few tantrums thrown in for good measure). It was wonderful but we are pleased to now be back to normal, a week later.

On Monday, right at end of my week 30, we dropped everything, The Man included, and headed out to the White Cliffs at Dover. It was an emergency mission. The pre-show craziness followed by the post-performance low really messed with all of us, especially he and I. Being outside with space to run and explore was the only option. He found his stick before we’d even left the car park and only let it go to share with his brother for a moment.







On this particular day, and the couple of weeks leading up to it, I felt as though I was scraping my nails down a blackboard. Now, with a bit of distance granting perspective, I can see things how they really are. That this was a major achievement for a boy who is essentially shy, emotionally and physically sensitive, easily overwhelmed, and kicks out against instruction and correction. He loved the actual performances, coming out of that stage door excited and so happy. But within 20 minutes each time he had his nose buried deep within the pages of a book, where he’s most comfortable. For my part I now realise just how anxious I was, at no ot being able to control his situation for him, to soften the edges. And the creeping fear that, because of his sensitive nature, he’d be the child who did a runner mid act, back to the dressing room.

We are beyond proud. And still singing the entire musical score which is driving us all slightly potty 😊


Joining in with lovely people over at Practising Simplicity and I Heart Snapping #52Project #livingarrows

One thought on “30/52 :: part 2

  1. Just been checking out your blog since I love your instagram feed and your photos and words on here are beautiful too. Inspiring. I love it when people take the time to share a little of their lives and great to read about your homeschooling.

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