31/52 :: fields


#1 Like many 3 year olds, you’re pretty keen on tractors and trailers and diggers. So when we took a short walk to watch a combine harvester at work, you were spellbound

We’ve loved getting up close and personal to the crops that surround us this year. My Instagram feed would suggest I’m ever so slightly obsessed with fields, in fact. We failed to find a sea of poppies, much to my disappointment, but we’ve watched with interest as the fields have turned from green, to yellow, to golden brown. There are just a few wheat fields around now that haven’t been harvested; high summer. Autumn is just around the corner and I know I won’t be ready for bare fields and leafless trees. I never am.





Joining in with lovely people over at Practising Simplicity and I Heart Snapping #52Project #livingarrows

3 thoughts on “31/52 :: fields

    • thank you Matt. No, these are digital but I’ve used VSCOcam to edit them and their filters do mimic film very nicely! I’ve yet to get Lightroom and the proper VSCO presets so these are just edited through the app designed for mobile photos. thanks for visiting x

      • You’re welcome! I usually just create my own filmic tone in Lightroom, but when budget allows I’d love to try the VSCO presets as a starting off point. Have a great weekend!

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