Hi, I’m Lou; welcome to Mummy Karma.  I’m a full time mummy to Boy 1 (Archie, 7) and Boy 2 (Jody, 3), and wife to The Man (Spencer, 39). We live an off-kilter, boisterous, noisy life just outside of Canterbury.  Our family is like every other and no other I know.  This blog is my little bit of personal space where I hope to throw together real life with a life imagined.  There’s a lot I want to achieve but not an awful lot of spare time inbetween everything that has to happen; I’ll bet you know what I mean?

I’m passionate about my kids though I often question how I ought to be raising my littlies. They are, afterall, the most important thing in the world.  Even on a good day I’m sure I/we can make it better, right?

I love kids design – fashion in particular.  I’ll share any little gems here with you…

I’m reasonably addicted to Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram.  I’ll share my best finds, some favourite pins, and the odd picture or two.

I intend to read those books on my shelf that are gathering dust (lets be upfront and honest here, housework is not my forte…) and might even review one or two here as I do.

I have recently discovered that I really do enjoy sewing so I’m very likely to share my projects with you here if that’s OK?

I’m absolutely awful at cooking so please don’t be disappointed when you find no posts whatsoever relating to the culinary arts.

I’m keen to improve my photography.  Reading the instruction manual to my camera might help , of course.  Failing that I must make time for the online photography course I signed up for, ooooh, months ago.  And as a last resort you’ll probably get to see an awful lot of Instagram pictures at least.

I hope that this year, 2013, I will learn to make some time for myself, to be mindful of my needs, and in doing so be more loving, patient and kind to my loveliest of little families.  Mummy Karma is for getting it all down and out there and keeping me focussed.  Happy reading – please leave some lovely comments.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. You sound like an awesome mum! I can’t believe you find the time to do all this with 2 boys, I just have the one little girl and am so pushed I always drop something (usually the housework ha). Looking forward to reading more 🙂 Juliet x

    • Thank you Juliet! I’m really truly just pretty ordinary, truthfully! And the list of things on here, well, they’re what I like to do, but that doesn’t always mean I get around to doing them of course. Its now the middle of February and so far I have not managed to master how to use my camera, or learnt the art of meditation. And those unread books on my shelf? 90% are still gathering dust. Dropping the housework; now that’s something I do manage to do, on a pretty much daily basis – quite proud of that achievement 😉 Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Hello! My name is Laura Garcia and I work for BBC Radio in Kent. We are going to run a story on the proposed FRee School for Canterbury and would love to chat to you about it. Your blog is amazing and you give incredible insight to the personal experience of a concerned parent looking for answers that this school might provide. Email me at so we can chat! thanks and keep on blogging!

    • Hi Laura and thanks for visiting! I’d be more than happy to chat about the Free School vision for Canterbury and will email you so we can discuss. Thanks again for reading, and for your lovely comments.

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