#1 late on Saturday evening you took advantage of the windy weather and flew a kite by yourself for the first time. Did you know, it’s scientifically impossible to be sad when flying a kite? You were rightly proud of yourself.
#2 You’ve been up and down like a yo-yo for well over a week now, nearly two. Nobody really knows what’s wrong. Three different doctors, three different opinions. We were back at the hospital today with you covered head to toe in a rash and walking awkwardly. When we were there on Friday they took blood samples and you were so brave. You’re still unwell but at least you have your rascal mojo back.

It’s been a whole week around since I last posted. It’s also been a while since I’ve had to use phone pictures for this project. And here’s another thing; I’d better confess now that the kite picture was taken by The Man so I can’t even claim any credit for that one. Yep, it’s been like that around here I’m afraid. I’ve been doing a whole bunch of thinking, worrying, and running around. I have a rotten cold but there’s no time for a Mummy to be under the weather when one of the kids is ill…and The Man is working away…and the car gets a puncture…and the bank account hits empty before it was supposed to. I’ve been thrown a few curveballs but know that we are lucky to be amongst wonderful family and helpful friends. Roll on next week!

Joining in with Jodi of Che & Fidel, I liked these from last week…

Little Wolff’s little hand in big. So scrummy.

Little Audrey, those lashes and that bonnet.

Handsome Erik and his wonderful cherry obsession.

And Greer’s trio of sweet faces; you’ve had a far harder time of it than I, and yet you still managed to capture these wonderful moments. Xxx


2 thoughts on “25/52

  1. Oh chickie been a tough time for you lately it too shall.pass and wee one will.be 100% again. You know where I am anytime xxxx

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