Both suffering; one with a virus, the other with some mysterious teething related infection in the glands, both tired and miserable but together. Though you don’t always see eye to eye, you’re so close, despite or perhaps because of the 4 years between you. I hope you always share this special bond.

I’ve not thought to picture the boys together before for the project but this was a chance capture when they were both still and it happened to be my favourite of the week. Here are a couple of others I like, but they both have an air of the melancholy about them. Honest but not uplifting!

Crundale Jody

Crundale archie

From so many who join in with Jodi every week, these were my favourites from week 23…

Tribal Bijou and joyful Remy. Not the first time I’ve chosen you guys. That picture of Bijou is simply beautiful.

Sienna, Coen and Houston. Wow. Just wow.

Oh little Lamb; even my tough husband got all dopey eyed over these shots. Awesome. I love the expression on her face in the B&W shot, and the scale and grey/yellow combination of the last. Oh, oh, and the horsey t shirt and horsey nose link. Lovely.

Kaiyenna in the jungle with her accessories. Just a wonderful, atmospheric capture.

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